The Default Mode Network and the cognitive architecture of belief fixation. A new approach to the one stage -two stage debate about delusion formation.

[Speaker] Gerrans, Philip S:1
1:University of Adelaide (Australia)

Humans have specialized circuitry that constructs the raw material for subjective narrative interpretations of experience: The Default Mode Network (DMN).Delusions represent the operations of this system responding to anomalous or highly salient experiences.
This interpretation makes sense of the phenomenology of delusions: they are intelligible understood as subjective story elements but irrational measured against canonical standards of rationality. It fits with the cognitive and neural evidence, particularly about the way the DMN and right dorsosolateralprefrontal cortex interact in psychiatric conditions.This approach also dissolves debates about whether and the extent to which delusions are rational or irrational empirical beliefs by replacing that question with one about cognitive etiology.It also explains partial insight of delusional patients into thier delusion combined with inability to "disbelieve" it.
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