A Hybrid Theory of Delusion Formation

[Speaker] Miyazono, Kengo:1
1:Keio University (Japan)

The two-factor theory is an influential account of delusion formation. According to the theory, there are two distinct factors that are causally responsible for delusion formation. Recently, another remarkable account of delusion formation has been proposed, in which the notion of "prediction error" plays the central role. According to this account, the prediction-error theory, delusions are formed in response to aberrant prediction-error signals, those signals that indicate a mismatch between expectation and actual experience. Is the prediction-error theory a rival to the two-factor theory? Prediction-error theorists tend to be critical about the two-factor theory and present their views as an alternative to it. I argue, however, that two theories do not have to be regarded as rivals. This paper explores the possibility a hybrid theory of delusion formation that incorporates the central ideas of the two- factor theory and the prediction-error theory.
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