IAAP Invited Symposium

Attitude toward frugality, i.e. mottainai mind, plays an important role in promoting Proenvironmental Behavior

[Speaker] Fujii, Satoshi:1
[Co-author] Miyakawa, Ayu:1, Corral, Victor O:1
1:Kyoto University (Japan)

This study investigates relations between attitude toward frugality and stated intentions to engage in four different types of pro-environmental behavior, i.e., reductions in electricity and gas use, garbage, and automobile use, using data from 341 Japanese respondents. An analysis indicated that perceived ease of implementation had effects for all of the pro-environmental behaviors. It also indicated that environmental concern had a positive effect solely for garbage reduction, while attitude toward frugality had positive effects for gas and electricity reduction. For automobile use reduction, neither environmental concern nor attitude toward frugality had significant effects. The relationship between attitude toward frugality and mottainai, that is a Japanese concept indicating respect for resources, is then discussed, and it is suggested that educating people to have not only a high level of environmental concern but also a positive attitude toward frugality, i.e. mottainai mind, would be an effective means of promoting pro-environmental behavior.
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