Investigation of test-related thinking styles among Japanese university students.

[Speaker] Nakagawa, Karin:1
1:Graduate School of Humanities, Hosei University (Japan)

Although thoughts and emotion should be considered individually, this point has not been investigated in academic test-related context. The purpose of this study was to validate a new scale for evaluating test-related thinking style (TRTS). The participants were 62 university students (22 males, 40 females; age range = 19-26), and completed newly established 30-items TRTS questionnaire, the existing achievement goals questionnaire (AGQ), and the value of test scale (VTS). Two factors obtained from the TRTS questionnaire by exploratory factor analysis were labeled Test Study Sufficiency (A: α = .83) and Ability Development (B: α = .79). These factors showed moderate correlation with some factors of both AGQ and VTS such as factor B and Performance Goals (r = .54, p < .01) and factor B and Inducement (r = .43, p < .01). The findings of this study indicated that the TRTS questionnaire could have criterion-related validity.
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