Effect of reminiscence bump on arousal a feeling of nostalgia

[Speaker] Takigawa, Shinya:1
1:Kawasaki Univ. of Medical Welfare (Japan)

We often feel nostalgia such as when listening to music that was popular in youth. Previous study indicated that nostalgic reactions occur in response to events that had been frequently repeated in the past and were separated from the present by a long time interval (Kusumi et al., 2010). However, arousing nostalgia and the recall of autobiographical memory is in a co-occurrence relation. Additionally, people typically remember more personal events from adolescence and early adulthood than from other periods (reminiscence bump). From these, the present study determined whether a reminiscence bump is found in nostalgic music. 140 participants more than sixty-years old were asked to name their three nostalgic tunes. Furthermore, they were asked period when they frequently listened them. The results showed that a reminiscence bump emerged in the nostalgic music. The results were discussed in relation to theories about causal factor of nostalgia.
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