Essays on Mind, Body and Human Nature: Reconsidering the Philosophical Terminology of Neo-Confucianism

[Speaker] Ito, Takayuki:1
1:International Research Center for Japanese Studies (Japan)

The aim of my report is to re-examine modern Western intellectual framework, for example, the concept of Cartesian body-mind relationship, through reconsidering the traditional East Asian thought, especially Neo-Confucianism.
The thought system of Chu Hsi teaches that mind and body are correlated through the mediation of benevolence that can be said to be humanity's capability for empathy, as well as a universe that gives rise to the entire creation. It differs greatly from modern, common sense-based knowledge that advocates a duality between mind and body and subject and object. The teachings of Chu His presupposes that humans, while coexisting with the surrounding environment, are already embedded in that environment.
Even in the field of modern philosophy, the philosophy of an ecological mind has been discussed along with environmental ethics and theories of the body. In this report, I aim to achieve collaborative research while keeping in tune with these trends.
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