Relationships between Reading Speed, Memory Performance, and Readers' Literary Response during Manga Reading

[Speaker] Saito, Ryo:1
[Co-author] Wada, Yuichi:1
1:Tohoku University (Japan)

Reading manga has become increasingly popular worldwide, but the cognitive processes of such readers remain unclear. To shed light on personal factors contributing to individual differences in manga reading, this study explored relationships between behavioral measures (reading time and memory performance) of manga reading and readers' literary response (e.g., degree of immersion, imagery vividness, concern with author, and so on). In this study, we asked participants to read two manga stories and to complete the Literary Response Questionnaire for Japanese (LRQ-J, Osanai & Okada, 2011). Results showed that reading time was negatively correlated with concern with author, and memory performance was positively correlated with degree of immersion. Our findings strongly suggest that readers' experiences while reading manga are modulated by their orientation toward the work.
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