Effect of time pressure on time-based prospective memory

[Speaker] Cegarra, Julien:1
[Co-author] Matha, Pauline:2, Rattat, Anne-claire:1, Valax, Marie-françoise:1
1:National University Institute Champollion (France), 2:Université Toulouse Jean Jaurès (France)

The effect of time pressure on a time-based prospective memory (TBPM) task was investigated. Previous studies have shown an overestimation of task duration under time pressure, ie a time distortion (Matha, Rattat & Cegarra, 2014). However, studies investigating the role of time pressure on TBPM are uncommon. In this study, participants solved multiple mazes and were also required to perform a time-based prospective action. Half the participants were under time pressure. They also had to evaluate the maze solving time. Results yielded no effect of time pressure on the task-based prospective memory task. However, the longer the duration the higher was the overestimation of task duration. This suggests that time distortion does not directly affect TBPM.
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