Micro-expression recognition of patients with depression and their evaluation index

[Speaker] Yin, Ming:1
[Co-author] Chen, Xinyun:1, Yin, Ming:1
1:Department of Psychology, Soochow University (China (People's Republic of China))

This study explored differences of ecological micro-expression recognition among depressive-tendency, depressive and normal people with a paradigm of adding different normal expressions before and after facial micro-expressions. Recruited were 32 participants with depressive tendency and the same number of matched normal ones, and 30 participants with depressive illness and the same number of matched normal ones. Results revealed that all participants showed a happy micro-expression advantage in different expression contexts, that patients with depression labeled more happy and neutral micro-expressions as sad than normal people in the sad expression context, and that only depressive patients' reaction time in micro-expression recognition and their accuracy rate in some micro-expression recognition differed significantly from normal people. Therefore, the ecological micro-expression recognition can provide an objective index for distinguishing depressive patients from people with depressive tendency.
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