Changes in the Relationship between Two PartiesThrough Conversation Based on Finger Plethysmography as an Index

[Speaker] Okabayashi, Haruo:1

While people have conversation, they think of what they want to say and what the other is talking about. During the exchange of communication, the feeling that one is on or not on the same wavelength with his conversation partner arises and the human relationship between them comes to change. The author et al. followed the changes in the human relationship between conversation partners through finger plethysmograms of their biological signals. When their rhythms were coordinated, their finger plethysmograms caused entrainment phenomena and bounced back accompanied by some fluctuation. Such changes were scrutinized by cross-correlation of their finger plethysmograms and the behavior of the attractor. The mood state of the two parties and the characteristics of mood development are thought to be apparent through the process of human relationships changing during conversation.
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