Fluctuation in life phenomena, rule, mechanisms and observations

[Speaker] Miao, Tiejun:1
1:TAOS Institute (China (People's Republic of China))

Fluctuation is a natural phenomenon which occurs widely in brain waves, pulse waves, body sway, and so on, due to nonlinear interactions. As a result, mind complexity is created by chaotic fluctuation having a determined rule. Fluctuation is described by an attractor or a pattern of orbit distribution on phase space. It provides all possible orbits having potential flexibilities to adapt environment changes in keeping dynamical balance. We study the emerging mechanisms of chaos fluctuation using an example of mathematical model of fingertip plethysmogram, where fluctuation is found being produced by a self-organization among difference biological hierarchy. Also we give a brief description to reconstruct chaos attractor from time series of data in practice. Further we propose a method of chaos resonance to measure and extract essentials of chaos attractor, which is demonstrated by a series of experiments concerning human behaviors.
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