How does temporal order unfold in mental time line?

[Speaker] Yamashiro, Daichi:1
[Co-author] Hyodo, Muneyoshi:2
1:Graduate School of Letters, Chuo University (Japan), 2:Faculty of letters, Chuo University (Japan)

Previous research conducted experiments which consist of order judgment task on a series of photographs about everyday activities, and they showed the left-right effect relating space to temporal order, which means reaction times (RTs) of judging photographs presented before the reference point were faster in response by left side than by right side, whereas RTs of judging photographs presented after reference point were opposite pattern. This suggests that concept of temporal order, unfold along a left-to-right analogical mental timeline. It is suggested that writing direction can contribute to the left-right effect. Present research was conducted for replication of previous results in Japan, where participants has various writing direction. As a result, it didn't replicate entirely the previous result: the left-right effect appeared only in the first trail, but didn't appear in the later trials. This result may suggest a possibility that Japanese participants have flexible direction of temporal order.
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