Rapid Communication

A new behavioral task for evaluation of visual recognition memory in rats

[Speaker] Ohnuki, Tomoya:1
[Co-author] Sakurai, Yoshio:1
1:Laboratory of Neural Information, Graduate School of Brain Science, Doshisha University (Japan)

Behavioral task for spontaneous object-recognition have been widely used to investigate recognition memory in rodents. However, most of them have limitation in stimulus variation as a result of employment of real three-dimensional objects. They also have difficulty to acquire sufficient data from many trials conducted by one animal.
To overcome such limitation and difficulty, we have made a new version of spontaneous object-recognition task with picture stimuli presented on LCD (liquid crystal display). In the task, we found that rats discriminated the pictures of different objects. They explored pictures of novel objects longer than those of familiar ones.
The employment of pictures on LCD can improve controllability of object stimuli as well as stimulus variation. In addition, this new method can evaluate each component of visual recognition memory while standard spontaneous object-recognition tasks can access only multimodal recognition memory.
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