Rapid Communication

Exploring the Effects of Gender and Urban or Rural Origination on Stereotypes of Shyness

[Speaker] Bolinao, Andre Marcel G:1
[Co-author] San Miguel, Maria Emelyn P:1, Abarro, Dominni Jermond M:1, Liao, Joseph Dominic S:1
1:University of the Philippines, Diliman (Philippines)

The study assessed the effect of gender and urban or rural origin of a person on perceptions of his/her shyness. 142 participants were randomly assigned a particular treatment combination of gender and urban or rural origin of a hypothetical person through a vignette. The hypothetical person was then assessed through a 13-item variation of the Revised Cheek and Buss Shyness Scales to assess shyness impressions. Results reveal that there is significant difference in impressions of shyness between individuals originating from an urban area and rural area. A significant difference also exists between gender groups, specifically between Heterosexual Female and Gay Male individuals. However, there was found no significant interaction effect between the two factors. This research may benefit the society in general since awareness of these stereotypes may lead to its prevention and possible eradication. This study may hopefully lead on to further studies regarding stereotyping.
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