Rapid Communication

Association between frequency of being emotionally moved and evaluation of narrative advertising.

[Speaker] Tsumura, Masayuki:1
[Co-author] Kato, Juri:2
1:Kyushu Sangyo University (Japan), 2:Hitotsubashi University (Japan)

This study examined the association between how often people were emotionally moved in their daily life and their evaluations of narrative advertising. A total of 760 participants (51.4% men and 48.6% women) between the ages of 15-65 years(5.7% 10's, 18.6% 20's, 24.6% 30's, 23.2% 40's, 15.8% 50's and 12.2% 60's) in 2013 completed scales that assessed the frequency of being emotionally moved and the extent to which they were easily moved in their daily life. They then read the narrative advertising copy and rated it. In the copy, a main character talked about his/her memories related to his/her refrigerator. Results revealed that participants who felt moved more frequently rated the copy as better on the emotional evaluation than participants who felt moved less frequently. However, the same difference was not observed for the critical evaluation. The difference between emotional and critical evaluation is discussed.
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