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Effects of physical exercise on subjective well-being: the mediating role of Mental Elasticity----a case study of middle-aged college teachers in Guizhou Province

[Speaker] Ba, Yiming:1
1:Guizhou Minzu University (China (People's Republic of China))

For better understand the physical and mental health of middle-aged college teachers in Guizhou and provide theoretical support for their development, we take the mental elasticity as the breakthrough point to discuss the effect and correlativity of physical exercise on mental elasticity and subjective well-being. Selected eight hundreds middle-aged college teachers in Guizhou Province as the research object.Conclusions:(1)More than half proportion of middle-aged college teachers participating in physical exercise, but exercise overall situation restricted by many subjective and objective factors, the main purpose of the exercise is to enhance physical fitness and healthy, middle-aged college teachers generally think that their health is in good condition.(2)The mental elasticity of middle-aged college teachers showed significant differences in different age and professional title, higher level of mental elasticity is relatively old.(3)The mental elasticity of tenacity, strength and optimism dimension in physical exercise and subjective well-being have a mediating role, it's effect is significant.
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