Rapid Communication

The study on the concept of empathy for nursing profession

[Speaker] Kagetani, Yoko:1
[Co-author] Iwanaga, Makoto:2
1:Hirosima University Graduate School (Japan), 2:Hirosima University (Japan)

The empathy in nursing care is crucial for nursing profession. This study reviews previous study about empathy of nursing profession. Previous study concludes that nurse empathic engagement as perceived by patients is reported and the empathy is considered as a process in interpersonal relationships between nurses and patients. In previous study is reported in every field of nursing area that the empathy is crucial.
But, it is necessary to consider that the empathy is the common attitude. Research must consider about the reason why empathy is crucial for nursing profession. In addition, research must effect about issues are effected by the empathy is not enough. The significance which considers relevance with a nurse's individual trait was implied to the reveal sake in the process of the empathy. The empathy need to be examined factors that the empathy has an influence on interpersonal relationships between nurses and patients, in future studies.
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