Rapid Communication

Perceived challenges to become a psychotherapist in Bangladesh: A pilot study

[Speaker] Hossain, Samiul:1
[Co-author] Akhter, Rokshana:2, Hossain, Shahanur:2
1:North South University (Bangladesh), 2:University of Dhaka (Bangladesh)

The journey of becoming a psychotherapist is challenging with personal and professional implications. The challenges can get even bigger in a country like Bangladesh where the discipline is realitvely new. This study was conducted with 30 male and female postgraduate students to find out potential challenges. Particiapnts were enrolled into several higher education institutes in Dhaka, Bangladesh by the time of data collection. A structured interview administered to get their responses. A total of 18 factors were included to ascertain their response in a four point Likert scale. 12 out of 30 participants reported that they experience problem to sustain their attention in session. Nonetheless, most of the participants scored 'rare' or 'never'in issue like, whether they feel irritated towards clients. This result might suggest to study further about this issue. Findings generated through study may provide valuable insight on different topics that need to be covered during the training.
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