Rapid Communication

Examining the Evidence base for Clinical Strategies for Asian Clients

[Speaker] Zane, Nolan:1
[Co-author] Berger, Lauren:1, Huang, Cindy:1
1:University of California, Davis (United States of America)

Meta-analyses of culturally-adapted treatments (CAT) tend to indicate that such interventions are more effective than orthodox empirically supported treatments. However, an alternative approach to culturally informed treatment involves training clinicians to be more culturally competent so that they can provide effective treatment to culturally diverse clients regardless of the treatment they use. Leong and colleagues have referred to this approach as the Cultural Accommodation Model (CAM). We use the CAM approach to identify specific clinical strategies for which there is some clinical consensus that these are culturally appropriate for Asian clientele. We examine if there is empirical evidence supporting the effectiveness of these strategies for Asian clients and families. We also identify and discuss the convergent and divergent patterns in effectiveness among these two types of approaches to culturally informed treatment. Finally, based on these comparisons, we discuss the relative strengths and weaknesses of the CAT vs. CAM approaches.
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