Rapid Communication

What therapeutic meanings does touching pigments have in finger painting?

[Speaker] Okamoto, Naoko:1
1:Ritsumeikan University (Japan)

Finger painting is one of art therapy methods clients draw or spread pigments directly on papers with their palms or fingers instead of using painting brushes. It has been thought the sense of touching pigments is similar to that of playing with mud, and it causes clients' psychological regression which is good for their treatment. However, it has not been investigated what sort of therapeutic meanings touching pigments might cause. Therefore, we study therapeutic meanings of touching pigments in finger painting in this presentation. 60 university students were asked to join finger painting groups, and freely comment to questionnaires. Those comments which thought to be related to touching (or, not touching) pigments are qualitatively analyzed. The result showed there are variety of therapeutic meanings in touching pigments in finger painting.
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