Rapid Communication

Clinical Supervisor for Counselling Psychology practicum student-A working model

[Speaker] Zhang, Dan:1
1:Vancouver Community College (Canada)

It is my believe that becoming a counsellor or a psychotherapist is a challenging and exciting process. What makes a good counsellor or therapist?
My clinical supervision goals are:
1. To establish an open and honest working relationship between supervisor and practicum students. In offering professional supervision I aim to create a structured and supportive environment, which enables the practitioner, just as they help empower their own clients.
2. To help practicum students have a better (more integrated) sense of the therapeutic process.1). processing the relationship; 2). processing treatment challenges; 3). understanding phases of change 3. To help practicum students develop principles of best professional practice and to find ways to develop their own unique therapeutic style.
4. To help practicum students develop professional confidence and an enhanced ability to act autonomously in their working context.
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