Rapid Communication

Passengers Psychological Entitlement and Drivers Rule-Breaking Behaviors: The Cross-layer Moderating Effect of the use of emotion

[Speaker] Pei, Huanchang:1
[Co-author] Yao, Xiang:1, Liu, Ting:1, Wu, Anni:1, Liu, Qishuo:1
1:Peking University (China (People's Republic of China))

This study examines the relationship between passengers' psychological entitlement and rule-breaking behavior of taxi drivers, as well as the cross- layer moderating role of the use of emotion by taxi drivers. 131 taxi drivers from a taxi company in Shenzhen are involved in this study, and complete questionnaires in consecutive work-days. Research results show that 1) passengers' psychological entitlement has positive effect on drivers' rule-breaking behaviors; 2) drivers' use of emotion weakened the main effect of passengers' psychological entitlement on the driver rule-breaking behaviors. The results of this study support the prediction that drivers' rule-breaking behaviors are related to passengers' psychological entitlement, and verify that driver use of emotion has a negative moderating effect.
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