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Color Perception under LED LIGHTING: a NIRS study

[Speaker] Yamamoto, Masahiro:1

We examined the changes in regional cerebral blood volume around visual cortex using Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS) when observers attended to visual objects, some fruits, under the LED light sources, phosphor converted blue-yellow LEDs, adding red light sources which had dominant peak wavelength at 630 nm or 670 nm. Results showed the typical activation patterns in and around the visual cortex with increases in Oxy-Hb and decreases in Deoxy-Hb. The Oxy-Hb increase doubled when observers did task under white LEDs with red source at 630nm opposed to watch with red source at 670nm. Under artificial sun light, the results showed the same activation patterns of that with red source at 670nm. The results suggest that the color perception of natural things needs the dark red region, longer wavelength than conventional bright red at 630 nm.
Keywords: NIRS, Color Perception, LED Light.
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