Rapid Communication

Emotional labor as high school teachers and its effects on burnout

[Speaker] Tashiro, Yoshikatsu:1
[Co-author] Fujiu, Hideyuki:1
1:University of Tsukuba (Japan)

This study has two main purposes. The first is to develop a scale to measure emotional labor among high school teachers. The second is to investigate the relation between job burn-out and emotional labor of high school teachers(ELHT). Questionnaire consists of emotional labor scale, burn-out scale, teacher self-efficacy scale, and reason for teaching scale. The participants for this study are 485 high school teachers.(135 females and 327 males). The result shows two types of ELHT are distinguished from its target: one is their students and the other their colleagues. And both ELTH variables are positively correlated with burn-out variables. As a result of multiple regression also indicates the three structures of ELTH for students(attentiveness to students' emotion, emotion dissonant, and amplifying positive emotions) are significant predictors of burn-out. Furthermore, it also shows the possibility that a reason for teaching and a teacher-efficacy variables moderate the relation between ELHT and burn-out.
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