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Wisdom Theory of Integrating Cleverness with Morality: Background, Core Views and Prospects

[Speaker] Wang, Fengyan:1
1:Nanjing Normal University (China (People's Republic of China))

Wisdom is a comprehensive psychological quality of integrating cleverness with morality, which is acquired through practices based on the intelligence and knowledge. On the one hand, moral virtue provides one with the motivation to do well. It is the very source of autonomously keeping his action in conformity with the moral standards. On the other hand, equipped with cleverness, the agent can arrive at correct judgments about the complex problem he is facing and comes up effectively with a solution to it. The integrated quality of having cleverness and morality guarantees that the proposed solution and the corresponding act will benefit the well-being of the individual himself and others. So, wisdom is not intelligence, cleverness, artificial intelligence, or knowledge. Then, in accordance with the two-element definition of wisdom, we classify wisdom into wisdom in humanities & social science and wisdom in natural science.
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