Rapid Communication

4 Month Infant predictors of inhibited and uninhibited profiles

[Speaker] Wang, Pei-ling:1
1:University of Taipei (Taiwan)

Previous study on children showing the two temperament profiles called inhibited and uninhibited to unfamiliar stimulation suggest the two groups differ in threshold of reactive to novelty. Hence the differences among infants in the reactivity of motor and affect might predict later display of the two profiles. Four-months-old-infants were screened (N=250) for the temperamental patterns thought to predict behavior signs of inhibited and uninhibited behavior, including motor reactivity and the expression of affect of the sample. The result showed female have more negative affect than male infants, but no difference on motor activity. About 8.3% infants who show combination of high motor activity and negative affect to unfamiliar stimulation predict the inhibited pattern and 30% infants who display high motor activity and low distress predict the uninhibited pattern.
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