July 29, 2016 14:10 - 15:40

The pain of unfairness: The link between the sensitivity to physical pain and unfairness

[Speaker] Haixia, Wang:1
[Co-author] Xiaofei, Xie:1, Kefeng, Li:1
1:Peking University (China (People's Republic of China))

Experiences of physical pain or unfairness are generally considered to be some of the most 'painful' experiences that we endure, especially in crisis situations. However, the link between unfairness and physical pain is only poorly understood. We examine the correlational relationship through one pilot and four experiments, and show that physical pain sensitivity is strongly associated with unfairness. Moreover, the correlational relationship is modualted by the physical pain intensity. This study established a link between pain sensitivity and unfairness, which is a critical and novel complement to the area of physical pain and social pain, meanwhile providing real solid evidences for the pain overlap theory.
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