Lesbian and Gay Identity: Testing for Equivalence Across Germans and US-Americans

[Speaker] Niepel, Christoph:1
[Co-author] Greiff, Samuel:1, Mohr, Jonathan J:2, Kranz, Dirk:3
1:University of Luxembourg (Luxembourg), 2:University of Maryland (United States of America), 3:University of Trier (Germany)

We conducted two studies to examine whether the Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Identity Scale (LGBIS; Mohr & Kendra, 2011) was psychometrically and structurally equivalent across Germans and US-Americans. The LGBIS is a well-established 27-item self-report inventory comprising eight dimensions of sexual minority identity and was, for the purpose of this study, translated into German. We examined 241 US and 629 German gay men (Study 1) and 186 US and 241 German lesbian women (Study 2). In both studies, the eight hypothesized identity dimensions held across Germany and the US. The German LGBIS was found to be psychometrically equivalent (i.e., metric equivalence) allowing cross-cultural comparisons. Latent correlations between the identity dimensions slightly varied across Germans and US-Americans indicating meaningful cultural differences. Findings were discussed.
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