Higher Alexithymic Person More Share Online News Articles in Indonesia

[Speaker] Nisa, Yunita Faela:1
1:State Islamic University Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta (Indonesia)

Previous literatures showed that sharing an emotional experience have a negative correlation with a specific trait like alexithymia, a difficulty to identify and express their emotion. But, in online context while emotional content is tend to be superficial and online behavior is tend to be spontaneous and easy, it can be different. The purpose of this study aims to prove that high alexithymic person have an impact on effect of arousal evoked from news on online sharing. We conducted an experimental method with 343 undergraduate students at the State Islamic University, Jakarta as participant. They grouped randomly into two experimental group (positive vs negative news) by using a computer simulation. The results indicated that a higher alexithymic person have more arousal than a lower alexithymic person when read a positive news. However, alexithymia have a significant effect when sharing narrowcast, and not significant when sharing on a large audience.
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