Alternative Constructions of the Self for Sri Lankan Contexts

[Speaker] Kumar, Shamala:1
1:University of Peradeniya (Sri Lanka)

To cater to the growing need for those with an understanding of psychology, a growing number of universities in Sri Lanka now offer psychology programmes. The content of these programmes are fairly standard, in that course listings, the topics covered and the texts used are, for the most part, similar to one offered in a university in North America. Much of these courses directly or implicitly address concerns of the self. For instance, in education, the self is often the student, in organizations, it is the worker, and in clinical settings, it is the client. It is rare that these courses, however, critically examine the assumptions of which the self is constructed. This paper presents alternative constructions of the self that could provide the foundations to different orientations to the client in psychotherapeutic settings that may better reflect the needs of clients in Sri Lankan settings. / /
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