On the Prediction of Subjective Well-Being from a more Comprehensive Viewpoint

[Speaker] Laux, Stephanie:1
[Co-author] Rudolph, Udo:1
1:Technische Universität Chemnitz (Germany)

Many concepts have been identified within Positive Psychology research, and their significance on subjective well-being (SWB) has been studied. We analyzed the most prominent concepts (e.g., optimism, hope, happiness, personal growth, meaning, gratitude, social support, depression, Big Five) and addressed the question whether these theoretically distinct concepts are also empirically distinct, or whether they can be traced back to fewer superior factors. We further examined their impact on SWB from a more comprehensive viewpoint. Results reveal five superior factors: Positive Attitudes towards Self & Life, Social Support, Depressive Symptoms, Personal Growth Goals & Will-Power, Search for Meaning in Life (N = 632). Structural equation models are presented, suggesting that Positive Attitudes towards Self & Life predict each of the SWB facets the best. Depressive Symptoms predict only negative experiences. Concluding, these concepts and their common impact on SWB should be studied more comprehensively to take their complex interplay into account.
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