Emotional Stroop effect: modulated by motivational relevance

[Speaker] Quan, Sixiang:1
[Co-author] Wang, Zhenhong:1, Zhang, Hui:1, Yang, Xiaohui:1, Luo, Yun:1
1:Shaanxi Normal University (China (People's Republic of China))

Abstract: A great number of prior researches found significant emotional Stroop effect of negative stimuli but failed to found this effect in positive stimuli. Motivational theory of emotion asserts that high motivational relevance stimuli could engage more attention resources and capture our attention more easily. Therefore, it is plausible to believe both negative and positive stimuli could produce emotional Stroop effect, this effect is modulated by motivational relevance. We examined this issue in present research. Results showed that both negative and positive stimuli which are high motivational relevance could produce significant emotional Stroop effect, whereas the stimuli which are low motivational relevance stimuli couldn't produce this effect. These findings suggest that the emotional Stroop effect is modulated by motivational relevance. Therefore, it is essential to incorporate motivational relevance into studies on the emotional Stroop effect.
Keywords: emotional Stroop effect, negative stimuli, positive stimuli, motivational relevance, attention
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