Predicting Regional Variations of Nationalism with Online Expression of Disgust Emotion in China

[Speaker] Chen, Hao:1
[Co-author] Gao, Shuqing:1, Lai, Kaisheng:1, Yue, Guo-an:1
1:Department of Social Psychology, Nankai University, China (China (People's Republic of China))

Disgust is one of the basic emotions, as the part of the behavioral immune system, which evolutionarily protects humans from toxic substances and threats from outgroup members. Previous researches have revealed disgust not only arouses humans' defense against potential threats instinctly, but also primes our stringent moral judgement, bias intergroup attitudes and even conservative political orientations. Nationalism as one kind of political ideologies is featured by negative feeling toward out-groups. So we regard nationalism as a part of the behavioral immune system culturally. So we hypotheses disgust emotion could predict nationalism. Then we analysed the association between disgust expression in Chinese microblog and nationalism items of an online large-scale political survey at province level across Mainland China. The results showed online expression of disgust emotion can predict nationalism orientation significantly at regional level. Lastly, we discussed how the finding shed light on researches of online emotion expression.
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