The ≫five elements≪ as a psycho-dynamic model

[Speaker] Dewanger, Christian:1
1:European University of Flensburg (Germany)

In a globalized world western psychological categories are also globalized. In respect of the worldwide subject »psyche«, I propose it is important to investigate differences and common assumptions. Therefore, and for a better understanding of human behavior, it is necessary to work through western models of analytical thinking based on synthetic models of the Asian region so as to contrast and merge both perspectives. By mapping the psychological constructs of behavior, thinking, identity, motivation and the unconscious onto the Daoist model of the five elements, a concept emerges which focuses on connections and interactions between these constructs. In this first step, I will transfer the traditional descriptions of the five elements and their interactions to the matching psychological constructs, in order to then arrive at a second step regarding psychological conceptualizations. Finally (the third step) the results thus obtained are compared with existing theories, models and concepts of Western psychology.
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