Increasing Employability and Successful Career Planning in the Undergraduate Psychology Curriculum: Tips and Evidence from a Career-Type Course in Cyprus

[Speaker] Loutsiou, Anthi:1
1:University of Cyprus (Cyprus)

Psychology is a broad discipline comparable to few others and offers multiple career paths within and outside the field. These career opportunities can be confusing to psychology students nearing the end of their studies. The job market has also become increasing complex, new interdisciplinary research fields have emerged, and entering graduate school in psychology, especially in the applied specialties, continues to be highly competitive. Given these complexities in the field, academic advising alone is often inadequate to meet the career readiness needs of psychology students. This presentation will introduce an example of a career type course in the undergraduate psychology curriculum as a way to increase the employability and successful career planning of students. Course activities will be discussed that appear to enable students to develop employability knowledge and skills, to decrease a clinical bias, and to be more self-reflective in terms of their career values, preferences, and attributes.
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