Potentialities of the My Career Story for Group Career Interventions with adolescents

[Speaker] Janeiro, Isabel N:1
[Co-author] Cardoso, Paulo:2
1:Faculdade de Psicologia, Universidade de Lisboa (Portugal), 2:Universidade de Évora (Portugal)

My Career Story (MCS) is an autobiographical workbook for individual counseling based on the theory of Career Construction (Savickas, 2005). The present study analyses the potentialities of an adaptation of this type of intervention for group interventions with high school students. The study involved 225 students from grade 9 and grade 12 of three Portuguese public schools. The intervention was organized in 5 sessions and both the experimental and the control group answered the Career Maturity Inventory - the Adaptability form (CMI-A), the Career Certainty Scale and the Career Self Efficacy Scale before and after the intervention. Results showed a significant and positive effect of the intervention on both Career Certainty and Career Self Efficacy, but no effect on Career Adaptability. Results also showed that MCS had a stronger effect on grade 12 students. Implications for future research and practice are discussed.
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