Does Types and Size Matter? A Study of Disfluency on Chinese Characters

[Speaker] Chau, Yu Chen:1
1:HELP University (Malaysia)

Workloads of students are increasing and they are required to read and understand high amount of information to attain academic success in schools. Thus, it is important to understand the factors influencing students' reading comprehension. This study investigated the effects of disfluent font types and font sizes on reading comprehension in Mandarin by conducting a 4 (non-bold and non-italicized font, bold font, italicized font, bold and italicized font) x 2 (12-point and 10-point) between-subjects study. 95 secondary school students were recruited and they were randomly assigned to one of eight conditions where they were asked to read a passage and answer questions. As hypothesized, findings showed that participants comprehend better when reading disfluent font types and font sizes. In conclusion, disfluent fonts can help improve students' reading comprehension. Thus, schools can assist students gain better reading comprehension with lower costs.
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