Rats selectively skip memory task before the checking in disadvantageous trials

[Speaker] Yuki, Shoko:1,2
[Co-author] Okanoya, Kazuo:1
1:University of Tokyo (Japan), 2:Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (Japan)

We trained rats to remember the location of a nose-poke hole and later indicate the memory behaviorally. Rats had options of either exhibiting their memory or skipping the task before memory indicating phase. Rats in the 6-choice hole place remembering task succeeded to increase the amount of reward by utilizing the option to skip from the task to an easier one in exchange of a decrease in the maximum reward amount, but rats in the 2-choice task couldn't. However, if rats are tested in new situation that they are forced to reproduce correct location without information about remembering location, rats in both groups skipped more in this unresolvable trial than normal ones. These results suggested that rats can utilize their memory confidence to reward maximization. This could mean that the existence of metacognition in rats. (Supported by Kakenhi #15J08974 and # 23118001)
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