Life Design Paradigm in context: contributions for counseling, coaching, and guidance

[Speaker] Duarte, Maria E:1
1:Faculty of Psychology, University of Lisbon, Portugal (Portugal)

The presentation looks to frame Life Design as the recent paradigm for career intervention. It gets underway with those who have left their mark on the history of the topic until reaching the state of the art today. The present-day emphasis is placed on Life Design looking to highlight its contributions for a better understanding of locate it as a discourse in the counseling profession. Life Design paradigm must not only serve the purpose of describe or explain behaviors, but it should addresses the issues of the individual's entire life contexts. However, globalization determines shifts, frequently not exactly predictable. The path seems to be the implementation of a comprehensive model built upon a comprehensive construct, in which psychological and contextual differences can be taken into account. Considering diversity in harmony, the topics of Life Design that may contribute for career interventions in counseling, coaching and guidance are discussed.
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