July 25, 2016 16:30 - 18:00

Ethical Dilemmas and Coping of Chinese College Counselors in Crisis Intervention

[Speaker] Yang, Zhenzhi J:1
1:BNU-HKBU United Internation College (China (People's Republic of China))

The purpose of this study was to examine ethical dilemmas Chinese college counselors encountered in crisis intervention situation and the ways they used to cope with these dilemmas. Individual interview was conducted to collect information from 15 college counselors and Grounded Theory was used to guide the analysis. Main results are as follows: 1. College counselors have the basic knowledge of ethics, and acknowledged difficulties when applying professional ethics in college for crisis intervention. 2. Ethical dilemmas were triggered around the following issues: confidentiality, client welfare, informed consent, and reporting. These dilemmas related to the unique college context. 3. School counselors strive to give consideration to both ethical code and the practical situations. Coping strategies include: value client welfare, deliberate on personal rights, underscore roles and responsibilities, take into account and balance demands from different perspectives. 4. It is necessary to establish a professional code of ethics for college counselors.
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