July 25, 2016 16:30 - 18:00

Role of Emotional Intelligence on developing coping with Traumatic events

[Speaker] Bulathwatta, Asanka:1
1:University of Leipzig,Germany (Germany)

This Study tries to figure out the role of emotional Intelligence for developing coping strategies among adolescents who face traumatic events. Study to be conducted in a cross cultural manner and it will be taking place in Germany and Sri Lanka. Late adolescence is a critical period of human being as it is foot step in their life which acquiring the emotional and social qualities in their social life. There are many adolescents who have affected by traumatic events during their life span but have not been identified or treated. More specifically, there are numerous burning issues within first year of the university students namely, ragging done by seniors to juniors, bulling, invalidation and issues raise based on attitudes changes and orientation issues. Research findings in Germany show that students shows more interpersonal traumas, life threatening illnesses and death of someone related are common in German sample.
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