Fatal Problems Related to Abstracting Others

[Speaker] Sasaki, Hidekazu:1
1:Utsunomiya University (Japan)

When psychologizing concrete human beings, researchers cannot help replacing them with abstract existences to some extent. Statisticians take this for granted when they assume that each individual is a part of a seemingly homogeneous group; in doing so, they can advance their statistical research under the premise that translates these human beings into pieces of an equation or parts of numbers. Certainly, such an academic position is inevitably on the basis of methodological necessity, but I believe that we should raise fundamental doubts about the abstraction of humans. For example, this way of thinking could potentially result in the sensibility of feeling it unnecessary to discern between real lives and inanimate objects. In this presentation, I will explain how and why the abstraction of others produces some fatal problems that have become so commonplace that many of us are no longer aware of the current situation and its flaws.
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