Mythodrama: Encouraging Change and Insights through Play, peculiar Stories and Drama, an approach in Conflict Management and Group Therapy practised in Swiss and Japanese Schools, as well as Counselling Centres.

[Speaker] Guggenbuehl, Allan:1
1:Institut of Conflictmanagement (IKM), Zürich CH (Switzerland)

In successful group work the goals of the individual group members concur with declared issues. In order to reach that goal, the group members need to find a common language and agree on how to address delicate issues. Only then the danger is reduced, that the group members adapt superficially to declared objectives. In this lecture a new therapeutic method and conflict resolution approach will be presented, called Mythodrama, which help to address sensitive issues in group therapy or conflict resolution. Mythorama employs specially selected stories as medium, so hidden issues and sensitive topics can be dealt with, without shaming anybody and solutions can be found and implemented. In the lecture first the basic approach of Mythodrama will be explained, after which experiences and results in interventions in schools in Switzerland, Sweden, Japan and Georgia will be shared.
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