Analysis of Personal Attitude Construct for Diagnosing Single Cases Operationally, Qualitatively and Quantitatively

[Speaker] Naito, Tetsuo:1
1:Department of Welfare-Psychology, Fukushima College (Japan)

Analysis of personal attitude construct (PAC Analysis) was created to diagnose single cases operationally, qualitatively and quantitatively. The procedure is as follows; 1) presented the stimulus sentences for free association, 2) required to order the cards of association according to importance, 3) instructed to estimate the psychological distance intuitively, comparing all pairs of cards, 4) cluster analysis is done, 5) asked to describe the image about each cluster, and 6) required to answer single item image (plus, minus or zero). So, we can get whole critical variables and factors which are recalled from long-term memory of informant, and we discover individualistic generality in this single case through phenomenological interpretation of data, consulting with a subject. At the same time, we can make use of this for finding new critical variables, common generality among all cases and new framework of theory. This technique refers to uniqueness, holism and the rest.
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