Ethical implications for supervisors and supervisees in rural regions in Norway

[Speaker] Dalen, Knut:1
[Co-author] Dalen, Nina:1 AS (Norway)

Clinical supervisors encounter different multicultural and global challenges. First, I will address clinical supervision as one of the cornerstones in the education of Norwegian psychologists, through internship, during their education, and in the postgraduate specialization programs. The first lesson learned in every new class in psychology, is ethics, and through all training, supervision and education, the curriculum states that ethical reflection and training should be a substantial part. Second I will discuss the ethical principle of confidentiality specific to supervision in rural areas in Norway. Norway is a long and mostly narrow country, characterized by a rugged coastline. The drive from the south to North Cape covers about 2,500 kms. Still Norway is a small country with only 5 165 902 inhabitants. Supervising psychologists working in rural areas where everyone knows each other, provides an excellent illustration of ethical dilemmas regarding confidentiality, informed consent, and generally negotiating complex multiple relationships.
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