Neural dynamics of the of the formation of spatial maps during fully-mobile human navigation

[Speaker] Iversen, John R:1
1:University of California, San Diego (United States of America)

How do we learn our way around a new city or building environment that is new to us? Spatial learning occurs as we integrate the visual, auditory, and other sensory impressions we gather as we move through the new environment. We will present a new collaborative project to investigate the brain dynamics of human participants as they actively navigate new types of laboratory mazes. Our goal is to observe and model, for the first time, the distributed brain dynamics that support spatial learning during active human navigation. To do this, we will use an original, non-invasive 'mobile brain/body imaging' (MoBI) data recording approach that combines simultaneous full body motion capture as participants navigate a large environment with brain electrical (EEG or 'brainwave') recording. We are developing advanced signal processing to characterize cortical dynamics associated with active behavior to provide a new paradigm for studying realistic human navigation
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