EEG Source-Resolved Brain/Body Imaging of Human Behavior and Experience

[Speaker] Makeig, Scott:1
1:Swartz Center for Computational Neuroscience, INC, UCSD (United States of America)

A weakness of nearly all brain imaging studies is their low bandwidth of recorded behavior (small finger presses) during high-bandwidth brain activity recording sessions. I have suggested the term Mobile Brain/Body Imaging (MoBI) for studies that combine synchronous high-bandwidth recording of brain activity (via EEG, etc. - What the brain does), environment (via scene and task event recording - What the brain senses), and behavior (via body and eye movement tracking, psychophysiology, etc. - What the brain controls). Continuing advances in electrophysiological signal processing now make it possible to separate potentials reaching the human scalp from brain, eyes, scalp muscles, and other non-brain ('artifact') source processes, and to resolve the physical origins of brain-based EEG processes to single near-cm2 cortical domains. Together, these developments allow high spatiotemporal resolution recording and analysis of brain dynamics supporting natural cognition during naturally motivated physical interactions with the 3-D environment and/or with other agents.
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