Color and Haptic Attributes in Cross-Domain Mappings

[Speaker] Löffler, Diana:1
[Co-author] Hurtienne, Jörn:1
1:University of Würzburg (Germany)

Conceptual metaphor theory as one approach to Embodied Cognition defines the relationship between physical experiences and abstract concepts, e.g. important is heavy. Physical experiences include haptic attributes like physical weight, but also visual sensations like color. The study presented in this talk investigates how easily participants can identify 15 conceptual metaphors instantiated in four experimental conditions: haptic (e.g. important is physical weight), color (e.g. important is dark color), haptic-color congruence (e.g. important is physical weight and dark color), haptic-color incongruence (e.g. important is physical weight and bright color). The results indicate that the haptic-color congruent condition works best and color can replace haptic attributes in metaphoric mappings. In addition, designers need to explicitly design for color, because metaphor-incongruent colors hamper the effectiveness of cross-domain mappings. The results also indicate that an Embodied Cognition view can circumvent arguing about specific colors with high-level symbolic meanings.
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