Personality development among Japanese cheldren

[Speaker] Tani, Iori:1
1:Tokaigakuen University (Japan)

Personality scales of five factor model are used many studies in Japan. But there is not enough study that examines developmental changes of personality among Japanese children. In this study, we examine developmental changes of personality of five factor based on cross sectional sample. In this study, 5412 participants (ages between 9 and 15years) were completed big five scale (Soga, 1999). Stability of factor structures were examined by a multiple population analysis. The Big five scale was found to have stability of factor structures in every ages and gender. Analysis about estimated scale values of extroversion found no developmental change, and women were higher than men. Neuroticism was increased with age. And women were higher in Neuroticism. Each tendency became clear about the other sub scales. In this study, similar results of other countries were indicated, and consistency of five factor structure across culture was found.
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