Facilitating psychological literacy among Indonesian high school students

[Speaker] Suleeman, Julia:1
1:Universitas Indonesia (Indonesia)

The number of applicants for Faculty of Psychology Universitas Indonesia keeps increasing each year, meaning that studying psychology is getting more popular among high school graduates. This study has two sources of data. First, qualitative analyzes on first semester students' paper describing their reasons to choose psychology. Second, a questionnaire asking undergraduate psychology students of their career after graduating from psychology. A shift on the reasons can be noted from newer students to older students, indicating that more interesting career options are open after the students study psychology. More than 430 students in Faculty of Psychology Universitas Indonesia from eight year intakes - from year 2008 to 2015 - participated in this study. The implication of this study is important to help Career and Guidance high school teachers promote psychological literacy among their students including the various careers psychological degree offer.
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